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We have reached 2200 days of binaries retention and are growing to 2500 days currently. Silliness abounds.

We have reached 1200 days of binaries retention and are growing to 1500 days currently. Silliness abounds.

We have reached 600 days of binaries retention and are growing to 750 days currently. Silliness abounds.

We have reached 450 days of binaries retention and are growing to 600 days currently.

We have stopped accepting individual accounts; our primary focus is on our wholesale business.

Our header and article retention has increased to 180+ days for multi-part binaries and 500+ days for text.

New free web usenet interface at webnews.readnews.com and free.webuse.net!

Use news64.readnews.com for our new 60-day retention readers.

We are now accepting individual accounts at $12.50/mo for up to 4 simultaneous broadband connections! Click HERE to sign up!

We have expanded retention to 40 days for retrieval by Message-ID, and 14-30 days for binaries except for a very few of the 'dumping ground' groups - but those messages can still be retrieved by NZB/Message-ID.

Please see our DMCA link for
DMCA notices and policies.

::: Current Retention Stats :::
Binaries - 2200+ days
Text - 2200+ days

Readnews is brought to you by a gang of ISP and Usenet geeks who've been running news servers since 1987, literally from the Telebit and Sun 3/50 days to the modern gige'n'terabytes required to handle news properly.

readnews offers two kinds of wholesale accounts -

The first, ISP accounts, are designed for ISPs who want to offer Usenet acces to their customers. We typically bill by port ($7.50/mo/port) and can authenticate by RADIUS, IP range, or database accesss.

The second, wholesale to other Usenet providers, are designed for companies doing their own marketing and support, but looking for a company to handle the entire Usenet "back end". Billing is at $.10/GB transferred or can be done on a 95th percentile bandwidth basis if preferred.

We're news geeks, passionate about providing excellent Usenet access, with both newsreader and web access.

In the R+D department, we are working on some fun technology to try to make some of the larger text groups (like rec.gambling.poker) more manage-able, tying to community-based moderation.
USENET News is a world-wide service where users share information and files on a wide variety of topics. The information is organized by topic into newsgroups. Users post messages and data or read responses within the individual groups and get files and feedback from others with similar interests.

Newsgroups also provide users a forum where they can exchange files and information such as pictures, software, and media.

ReadNews makes usenet more accessible then ever before.
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